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Who are EcomStream?

EcomStream is a Dutch company providing checkout funnel optimization and payments services for (primarily Twinkle100) merchants in a variety of segmnets. We differentiate ourselves by offering an optimal online client experience against much lower costs, covering  your check-out page and payments.

What is your expertise?

EcomStream utilizes best practice whereby we assess the existing client experience on your site, test these against the Google OnPage Optimizaton criteria, the usability reports of the Baymard Institute and the UX/UI researches from NN/G. We then deliver a solid advice for execution. We also don’t hesitate to take the winners in the online client experience of your main competitors into account and consider these for implementation. Our optimization service will enhance the checkout experience on your site and will gain significant savings to improve your bottom line result.

What is check-out optimization?

The client experience of your online check-out is important. It is often underestimated.

Your client has already made their choice and should be able to check-out quickly and conveniently. Optimizing your check-out starts with a detailed assessment of your check-out process. This could be of utmost value to you and your clients.

Does it make sence to benchmark my payments solution?

You are probably leaving money on the table with your payments solution. The (online) payments market is extremely price competitive.
EcomStream often achieves savings of > 30% after a benchmark project. It is a far from transparent market, but the lower the cost of your payments provider, the higher the return on your conversion. It’s safe to assume that you can realize huge savings with a benchmark performed by a specialist.

Can I outsource my RFP (tender) to you?

Yes, EcomStream has extensive knowledge with managing the entire RFP (tender) process for you. From assessing the current status, drafting the RFP document, upto renegotiations and onboarding. The service is entirely based on your requirements and company goals. It is always tailor made to your needs.

In one sentence, why should I work with you?

You will sell more and pay less.

FAQ about optional, technical implementation, services:

From where are you conducting the technical development?

Our developers are hand picked  from India, Romania and Ukraine.  They are selected based on their knowledge, expertise and service orientation. Online payments benchmarking and optimization services are provided from The Netherlands.

Why are you optimizing my site from abroad?

Our aim is to keep you competitive against the dominant competitors in your online market segment. In order to realize this goal, we provide improved efficiency and reduced cost of ownership. The locations from where we conduct our web development services are known for a lower “cost of living” and a wider selection of expert developers.

So how about communications?

All communication with clients is conducted by EcomStream in The Netherlands. Also, all tailored and client specific advice is conducted from The Netherlands taking the context of the Dutch E-commerce market as a basis. Your contract will be with EcomStream BV.

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