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Who are EcomStream?

EcomStream is a Dutch company providing web development and full-funnel optimization services for online entrepreneurs in the SME segment. We differentiate ourselves by offering an optimal online client experience against much lower costs, covering the entire online funnel, from your landing page up to your check-out page and payments.

What is your expertise?

EcomStream utilizes best practice whereby we assess the existing client experience on your site, test these against the usability reports of the Baymard Institute and the UX/UI researches from NN/G and provide you with a solid advice for execution. We also don’t hesitate to take the winners in the online client experience of your main competitors into account and consider these for implementation. EcomStream will then execute, implement and test. We take this approach for both new sites as well as for optimization projects.

From where are you conducting the technical development?

Our developers are hand picked  from India, Romania and Ukraine.  They are selected based on their knowledge, expertise and serviced orientation.

Do I have the option to choose an offshore location by myself?

Basically yes, In case you have a preference we certainly take that into consideration.

Why are you developing/optimizing my site from abroad?

Our aim is to keep you competitive against the dominant competitors in your online market segment. In order to realize this goal, we provide improved efficiency and reduced cost of ownership. The locations from where we conduct our development are known for a lower “cost of living” and a wider selection of expert developers.

So how about communications?

All communication with clients is conducted by EcomStream in The Netherlands. Also, all tailored and client specific advice is conducted from The Netherlands taking the context of the Dutch E-commerce market as a basis. Also your contract will be with EcomStream BV.

How do you guarantee quality?

As a client you will have access to your section on our development servers where you can follow progress of your new site or optimization in real time. We will only put the project live when you have approved and are happy with the result. Only then you will receive an invoice, not anytime sooner.

How do you provide me with an online payments solution?

A conversion is only a true conversion once the revenue has been transferred to your account. EcomStream integrates your payments page in your webstore and connects all payment methods to make sure your clients benefit from an optimal check-out experience. Furthermore we can advise you towards the most suitable payment solution and/or payment service provider up to a level where we manage the entire onboarding process with a payment service provider. This managed service has been designed to maximize monetization of your product or service. You can find all details here.

In one sentence, why should I work with you?

You will sell more and pay less.

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