We have carefully selected our centres of expertise to bring best value to our clients.

These centres and our highly skilled developers are located in Romania, Ukraine and India.

Our clients want to focus on the core functions of their business, benefit from considerable cost savings and improved client experiences, equipped to continue the battle with their fierce competitors.

EcomStream is their dedicated touchpoint for project management, their vocal point in their native language, and is the contractual party responsable for delivering the solution.

Next to cost savings, another big advantage is our flexibility. Our model allows us to easy scale up or down as we provide a resilient set-up supporting a wide variety of ecommerce platforms with virtually no limits in performance, skills or availability of developers.

We have learned that clients have different reasons or preferences for where their project should be executed from. We categorize these as follows:

  • Romania    -> Europe and a EU member state (Nearshoring)
  • Ukraine      -> Europe (Nearshoring)
  • India           -> Offshoring

A few figures for comparison:


  • Total population: 20 million
  • IT professionals = 95000, with over 9000 per year added
  • The country’s time zone is EET (Eastern European Time zone), GMT+2, this means 1 hour time differences from Amsterdam
  • Romania is a EU member state since 2007


  • Total population 45 million
  • Around 125000 IT professionals and expected to increase to 200000 by 2020
  • The country’s time zone is EET (Eastern European Time zone), GMT+2, this means 1 hour time differences from Amsterdam
  • Ukraine is geographically located in Europe


  • Total population: 1.3 billion
  • Number of software developers: around 4 million
  • The country’s time zone is IST (India Standard Time), GMT+5,5 this means 3,5 hour time differences from Amsterdam
  • Experience with outsourcing since early 90’s


We always approach a client’s project from its unique requirements and then offer the most suitable solution(s) to this client. All communication with the development center including end-to-end project management is taken care of by EcomStream. Project progress can be monitored by our clients in real time.


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