Selection and optimization of payment solutions


Your payments set-up should have your primary attention. Today’s payments market is extremely price competitive which means there is a lot of opportunity for you. But what is the difference in service models and performances of the different providers? Which payment methods are relevant for your business and what is the very best price you can get?

Selecting a Payment Service Provider for streamlining your online (or omnichannel) payments can be time consuming. Losing a sale during checkout is costly and paying too much for payments is a waste. Consider hiring an independent specialist to help you out.

Benchmarks (no cure - no pay)

Let EcomStream benchmark your payment solution against the current market rates and analyze it from a cost optimization perspective. Are you getting value for money from your existing provider?

EcomStream’s benchmark analyses are based on a database of actual market rates of all leading payment service providers and payment schemes.  

RFP (tender) management

Let EcomStream manage the entire RFP/tender project for selecting the most suitable payment solution (PSP).

The business- and financial requirements of the organization are always the starting point. For instance performance improvement, cost savings and additional features/abilities to generate more sales. 

Vendor Management as-a-service

While performing payments optimization projects for clients, EcomStream increasingly works with its clients for the longer term. Think about it, you do not need this knowledge every day, but you would like to be able to call on it at any time. And you also want to make sure that you have access to up-to-date knowledge.

When calling on independent (external) expertise you benefit from flexibility and the result from the exercise should be profitable immediately. With EcomStream, you are always up to date and have access to most recent market knowledge. You should never again have a feeling that you could get a better deal elsewhere.

Am I fully leveraging my payment solution? Are my rates still competitive? The payments market is dynamic and knowledge quickly becomes obsolete. That is why it is often better to obtain this knowledge externally. Fresh, flexible and independent. Available for you just when you need it, always. Think of it as “vendor management-as-a-service”.


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