BungalowNet Group is a Dutch company that specializes in holiday parks in Europe. It is a well-known player in the Dutch market with specific brands such as Bungalow.Net, Vakantieparken.nl and ResortNet.nl. The company was founded in 1996 and has a large number of exclusive locations in its portfolio, mainly from Western Europe. Thanks to a dedicated team of more than 70 employees, the market is serviced in a personal and professional manner in more than 9 languages. The company operates its own IT, Customer Service, Marketing and Operation & Development team.

“Fast, professional and successful collaboration. I consider that Ramon Helwegen has a lot to offer to improve a company’s finances when it comes to PSP costs, but not only that. His report was eye opening and led to a successful negotiation of our contract with our existing PSP which resulted in a savings of 50%. We recommend his services to every business owner operating in ecommerce, it will surely add value to your company”.

Mónika Török

Finance Process Expert


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