Magento is the most popular E-commerce platform globally. According to estimates around 15% of the total amount of webstores in The Netherlands are running on Magento.

Magento 2 has been available since late 2015. Many entrepreneurs are drawing their conclusion that a migration from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x is not just upgrading to Magento 2… it’s basically an entire new store! Good news for your web agency, but certainly not good news for you, who has to pay for the work.

In order to keep the investments of upgrading to Magento 2 worthwhile you can consider to have your shop build by means of outsourcing. The cost advantages are significant, the payback time will be shortened dramatically and you’ll get a brand new store in return.

Without getting into technical details too much, these are the most significant advantages of upgrading to Magento 2:

Mobile: First Magento 2 has been built on (here we go again) “Mobile First”. The optimization of client experience has, rightfully, been the heart of developing Magento 2.

Speed: Magento 2 is much faster. Recent opinions are that improvements are around 20% to 25% as compared to previous versions. Bear in mind that this will most probably add to your conversions a lot.

SEO options: Magento 2 offers a variety of options to optimize your SEO: Microdata & Rich Snippets, Prefixes & Suffixes for Title Tags, Image Alt Text, amending Robots.txt, generating XML Sitemap and automatic Meta tags for products. Basically everything that Google likes.

Automatic testing: Test Driven Development (TDD). So testing while developing. This feature allows you to adjust your approach when something is not working according to expectations. This will save you time and money!

Module structure: All the major module developers have new versions of their modules for Magento 2. Please find a few examples here: Improved Layered Navigation (Amasty), Advanced SEO Suite (Mirasvit), Shipping Table Rates (Amasty), Advanced Reports (Mirasvit), Reward Points + Referral program (Mirasvit), Magento 2 POS (Magestore).

Admin usability improvement: The new Magento 2 admin panel is a relief. It’s so much more modern and extremely flexible thanks to the ability to amend elements according to your own insights. All your users are able to adjust their dashboard according to their own preferences. Adjust reports, fully customize the backend and use a wizard to create products. It’s very intuitive and it’s now much easier to manage your shop by yourself. Theme adjustments, creating or adjusting products; you can now do this by yourself, and without much hassle.

Omni-channel: The module to introduce a POS (point of sale) into your store. When your cashier closes a sale with a client via a tablet, the stock inventory is adjusted in real time, also in the e-com environment.

B2B: Very suitable as a B2B webstore. Easy account administration, generating proposals and an order-to-checkout process which is optimized for B2B. According to advisory firm Forrester, Magento is the best B2B platform around.

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