Offshoring of optimization work is getting more popular.


Many online entrepreneurs struggle to successfully go head-to-head with their market leaders in their battle for clients.

The battle often is not equal. Market leaders buy market share, have a lot of in-house knowledge, seemingly endless budgets, and enough headcount to keep the shop “on par” at any moment in time.

The E-commerce market has matured rapidly. Margins are under pressure, webstores suffer and struggle to exist and sometimes, as a last effort, the entire proposition is moved over to a market place. To turn this tide, offshoring of web optimization work could be just the right remedy.

The law of big numbers learns us that there are more qualitative software developers outside of The Netherlands than there are within The Netherlands. Knowledge is often of exceptional level and there is a huge commitment to deliver high quality, against far lower costs. It is this combination which can help an online entrepreneur to realize the webstore he has always dreamt of but was never able to obtain.

EcomStream from The Netherlands provides offshored web optimization services for checkout flow improvements and payment gateway integrations. Performed by selected developers in India and Ukraine. These staff have expert knowledge and deliver great quality to online entrepreneurs in order to make a good profit from their online store again by offshoring development work. EcomStream runs an operational model that delivers comfort and trust and is always the direct contact for the merchant. EcomStream is your partner for more sales and lower costs.


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